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Why Say "No" to Organ Donation?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Organ donation has and continues to save and heal lives. If it's such a beautiful thing, why does it continue to be a controversial topic? Let's look at some of the reasons why:

There have been claims that there are ethical, socio-cultural, and religious issues in organ donation. But, what do these issues exactly entail?

Ethical Issues

-Since many people can benefit greatly from organ and tissue transplants, “the demand exceeds the supply” (Aboud 5).

-According to deontological ethics, there is a significant debate regarding to definitions of life, death, human, and body in modern society.

-Cloning, or the production of organs with an identical genotype, is a common method used in organ transplantation; cloning itself is a controversial topic.

Main Questions Asked

  1. How do we best procure more organs?

  2. How do we fairly distributed limited resources?

  3. Should all transplants be covered by public funds?

Main Principles & People Involved

  1. Benevolence

  2. Autonomy

  3. Respecting the dignity, integrity, and equality of human beings and the common good.

  4. Donors

  5. Recipients

  6. Allocation of Limited Resources

  7. Informed Consent


The following are ethical issues regarding whether or not it is ethically just to donate:

  1. Deceased

  2. Living people

  3. Anencephalic infants

  4. Human fetuses


Because there are only so many organs and resources available, the following questions are asked:

“Should those who have damaged their bodies through smoking, drinking, or dieting be elligble receive new organs?”


“Should those organs be only given to those organs that were damaged by illness?”

Allocation of Limited Resources

1) Criteria for Selection

2) Using Animals

3) Artificial Substitutes for Tissues and Organs

4) High Costs

5) How to fairly divide resources

6) Equal access

7) Maximum benefit

More Questions Asked:

“Should a person in whom a transplant has failed be given a second organ, or should a different person have a first chance?”

“When several healthy organs are available, should they all just go to one person, or should several patients in need each receive just one?”


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