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What's an Advocate? Not the technical definition, but really.

There are many factors that have sparked my interest in organ donation. One including my Type 1 Diabetic brother, and the other for my mother Tania Markarian who has inspired me to advocate for organ donation. Wait advocate? What's that even supposed to be mean? Yes, you've probably looked up the definition on Google and got the generic definition:

ADVOCATE - (n.) a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause for a policy.

Or you might just simply have an idea of what it is. My definition is quite different. Whether it was through my sociology class taken over the summer or the experiences at the Transplant House of Cleveland, I've come to define the word advocate myself.

Maya Najm's Definition:

ADVOCATE-(n.) a person that embodies personal characteristics of strength in order to raise awareness about an issue that our society faces.

Here are some of my favorite advocates that have inspired me to become an advocate for organ donation.

  1. My brother, Joseph Najm

  2. My mother, Tania Markarian

  3. Recipients

  4. Donors

  5. Families of Donors & Recipients

  6. The Transplant House of Cleveland and the patients living there

  7. Lifebanc

The Transplant House of Cleveland provides a comfortable living space to organ transplant patients and their families. These families and patients are accompanied by love, joy, and other patients, who are waiting for a transplant. It was founded in 2014 and has evolved into a beautifully furnished home. I have volunteered there on multiple occasions over the summer and had a fascinating experience. It is so inspiring to see how organ transplant patients, who are so desperately waiting for a transplant, maintain a positive attitude. I have been blessed to speak with such exquisite human beings and plan on volunteering soon. Additionally, the Transplant House of Cleveland staff offers a hospitable and welcoming environment to all. It truly does feel like home at the Transplant House of Cleveland.

Located in Northeast Ohio, Lifebanc is an organization that has been saving and healing lives since 1986. Lifebanc is governed by a volunteer board of directors who are passionate about the cause of organ, eye, and tissue donation. Their members are composed of community members, clinicians, recipients, and donor family members. Additionally, they volunteer at multiple institutions and organizations, including the Transplant House of Cleveland.


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