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Lifebanc's Annual Gift of Life Walk and Run (GOLWR) 2022

Whether walking or running, have you ever completed a 5K race? How did you feel at the end fo the race? Excited? Exhausted? Exhilarated? Imagine being a recipient and having a second chance at life. Those are the exact same feelings that a recipient may or may not feel during their experience.

I have been attending the Walk and Run since 2016, and have loved it each year. However, my attitude towards the race starts to change as I attend this annual event. I start to race for people like Cheryl Silias, Jackie Weiler, and Candice Monroe. Being 11 years in 2016, I came to the race with a desire "to win" or "get a medal". I didn't realize the importance of why this event is taking place.

As the years have progressed, it slowly has started to hit me on why I am really here at this event. The gold medal did not matter. The running time did not matter either. In fact, I chose to walk this year instead of running.None of the athletic components mattered. It's the emotional aspect of being surrounded by heroes, recipients, and people who are just thankful to even have the opportunity to breathe. This race is to honor those who have fought for their lives, sacrificed their lives, and for those who continue to appreciate the gift of life.

All of the teams, with a special story, came together to raise awareness and money for Lifebanc. My team, "Chews Wisely", raised over $20,000 with the help of our members and their passion for organ donation.

I am so unbelieveably lucky to have this event to come to every year and to get to know such amazing people. I no longer get frusterated at the the little things because of those same donors and recipients that continue to inspire me. Lifebanc, along with GOLWR, has enabled me to reflect on why life is so important and something that should never be taken for granted. Thank you, Lifebanc.

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