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It's National Donate Life Month

April 1 is not just April fools Day but rather a day that marks the start of celebrating many heroes, recipients, and donors who have given back to others! What is so beautiful about organ donation is how it connects us with one another; it doesn't matter what race, where you live, or who are that defines this special connection. It's about how a selfless hero who decided to say "yes" one day to saving someone else. That's what forms that connection. Organ donation is so significant, yet no talked about enough. Therefore, it is SO important to show our appreciation and spread awareness about organ donation. Let's do it for our future. Let's do it for the 100,000 + people on the U.S. transplant list. Let's conquer this all, fight for these people and celebrate the gift of life.

To show your support, wear blue and green to represent #donatelifemonth. :)

Here are some of my favorite heroes!

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