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Did You Know About This Type of Transplant?

Organ donation continues to heal, improve, and save lives today in endless ways…even in ways that we have never even thought about. For example, who would have thought that you could donate your corneas? Or even…vascular tissues! But wait, what are vascular tissues? And why would someone need this transplant?

What is the Vascular Tissue?

The vascular tissues include arteries, which function to carry blood from your heart to your tissues and organs.

What are the kinds of vascular tissues that may be donated?

These may include saphenous veins, femoral vessels, and the aortoiliac artery after death.

Reasons/Purpose of a Vascular Tissue Transplant:

Vascular tissues are commonly used in surgeries to restore or replace missing vessels. More specifically, poorly functioning, diseased, or missing vessels may need this transplant.

Saphenous veins

Function: collect oxygen-poor blood from many smaller veins in your legs and feet

Saphenous vein transplants are typically used to restore circulation that can sometimes be caused by peripheral vascular disease

Femoral vessels

Function: supply the lower body with blood

Femoral vessel transplants are typically performed as dialysis shunts in patients undergoing chronic dialysis treatment (a treatment that cleans the body by removing wastes and excess water).

Aortoiliac artery

Function: blood vessels that provide blood to the legs, pelvis, reproductive organs, and other organs in the pelvic area.

Aortoiliac artery transplants are typically used as a replacement or bypass of the patient’s vessels. This typically occurs in severe cases of clotting or abdominal aortic aneurysm.


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