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Organ Donation Heroes

Ever since we were kids, we all had dreams of being superheroes.  Now, you have the chance to do that.  Organ Donation Heroes serve as a vessel to spread awareness about this topic, inspire others, and share people's stories.

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Why I do What I do

What fuels you the most? For me, it's family, friends, love, and compassion. But what really fuels me the most is spreading awareness about Organ donation.  Becoming a registered organ donor was one of the best decisions in my life that I have ever made because I know that I will save a life one day...and so can you
However, my passion could have never even started without my own heroes who have inspired me.  My older brother, Joseph, was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 10.  Diabetes occurs when the body cannot properly break down foods into sugars. Being diagnosed with diabetes had flipped his world upside down.  Not just for him, but for my family and me as we watched him struggle with this physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I would hope to never see this day but if there is ever a time when he is in need of a pancreas, I don't want him to suffer waiting for one.  As a sister, I want to be   sure that there will be an organ donor, willing to save a life.  I want to know that I did the best of my ability to make the world a better place in at least one way.  And that one way is saving lives because I believe life is too precious.

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What is Organ Donation?

Organ Donation

Organ donation is the process where an organ can be transplanted to replace another human's organ. Someone may need an organ donation if their organs cannot function properly.  A doctor determines this after multiple tests and sees if the patient can qualify for donations.  If qualified, the patient will then be put on the Transplant Waiting List.  However, it is never guaranteed that someone will receive an organ transplant in time.  This is because of some who choose to not be organ donors.  This is where Organ Donation Heroes comes to play.  Organ Donation Heroes' main goal is to not only spread awareness but also encourage many to becoming donors.  Many who are not registered organ donors do not realize how significant organ donation is and how it has saved many lives.

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Medical Ethics Presentation

Recently, students Carmen Pulice and Maya Najm presented to their English class over the injustices of the organ donation system. Here...

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The Organ Donation Process

Have you ever thought of what happens behind the scenes during a surgical operation? Okay, well, I'll be honest: I'm not doctor. Funny...

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